EUROCUFF® is a high security handcuff (Type 4) with a low-profile.

A type 4 restraint is intended for control when the subject is not under direct observation but is supervised continuously, such as during transport.

Type 4 restraints are intended to be reusable for thousands of uses and have a keyed locking mechanism operated by a non-standard key.

Type 4 restraints have a higher level of tamper resistance than Type 3.


To minimise the weight of the handcuff it is manufactured with anodised aluminium cheek plates to provide a total weight of 233g.

The ratchet arms (20 locking positions/3 pawls) and chain (2 links) are stainless steel. The chain links rotate freely around their axis.


EUROCUFF® will fit a standard handcuff pouch.

Supplied in a white box and with 2 keys.

Dimensions (+/- 2mm)
A 240mm
A2 54mm
B 84mm
C 53mm
D 54mm
E 52mm
F 225mm
G 170mm

A key hole is located on both sides to simplify training and reduce the likelihood of injury to officers or prisoners during the application and removal of the cuffs.